Tomoyuki Shinki

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Selected as One of the Official Art Poster Artists
for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

Tomoyuki Shinki (b.1982) is an avid fan of combat sports. The black lines typical of his artwork accurately depict the intertwined and muscular bodies of wrestlers. In 2018, Shinki’s artwork was selected for the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, the largest annual open submission exhibition in the world, held in London. Recently, he also has been drawing the athlete such as athletics, swimming and wheelchair basketball, in addition to combat sports, and the boldly deformed techniques in his artwork are highly dynamic. Furthermore, he is selected as one of the official art poster artists for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. 

  • Tomoyuki Shinki PV

  • art on paper (New York, 2017)

■ Major Exhibitions and Art Fairs

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters Exhibition (Tokyo, 2020), ART FAIR TOKYO (2019, 2018, 2014, 2013), TRUNK (HOTEL)(Tokyo, 2020, 2018), The Gallery of Everything (London, 2018), The Royal Academy of Arts (London, 2018), art on paper (New York, 2017), SCOPE NEW YORK(2015), artgenève(2014), Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2012), Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art (Shizuoka, 2010), Nariwa Museum (Okayama, 2009), SUNTORY MUSEUM [Tempozan] (Osaka, 2008)


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