Masayuki Uchino

Born in 1984, Masayuki loves the NHK TV program "Okasan To Issho." He dreams of becoming the host of the program, who plays a guitar and sings with children. He has never changed his theme for his drawings, which is "Okasan To Issho," since he started at atelier incurve. Masayuki draws using the characters in the program and builds miniature models of NHK stages and recording studios adjoining his imaginary private room. He is meticulous and never compromises with the details of the models such as furniture and instruments. Masayuki can often be heard saying, "It's hard to become an entertainer, you know."

Exhibitions :

Love&Peace gallery incurve kyoto
allstars 2015 autumn gallery incurve kyoto
atelier incurve all-stars 2013 Gallery athens
atelier incurve all-stars 2011 Gallery athens
atelier incurve exhibition in tokyo 2010 (marunouchi)HOUSE
atelier incurve all-stars 2009 Gallery athens